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Icons & fixes31st January 17

Hey all, it's been a while :)


I know a few people have noticed some custom icons around and wanted the ability to have them. There are now 2 more levels of donation options to allow you to do this. On another note I'm going to need some more icons for the list if anyone wants to suggest some that'd be great (as the few I found are somewhat questionable :lol: )


Also I've been fixing a few things around the site and behind the scenes and will continue to do so. The change email page in your account now actually functions. There have been a few server issues which I'm trying to get the bottom of. Basically the crons behind the scenes which run the hourly updates/competitions etc have occasionally been hanging causing a server restart, but nothing major and I'll figure it out. So if the site seems slow or is temporarily down - that's why.


On another note, we now have over 23,000 registered members and track almost 5,000 clans, which is incredible. Thank you for using RuneClan and all your support. The site will be ready and setup for the next double XP weekend due on 17th February ;)


See you then

Service Update25th August 16
#NameXP Gain
2Razor Beast4,062,525
6Lynx Titan1,457,627
7spirit rok1,278,360
8tim horton1,233,251
9hc dvs1,105,775
10Hey Jase1,096,425
#NameXP Gain
1Razor Beast14,555,191
4tim horton7,528,164
6EG Froggen6,312,962
7N Y J5,258,889
9vit smurf4203,003,883
10spirit rok2,985,021